All responsible parties are welcome. Families are welcome. Children are welcome.
All inquiries will receive a Request for payment from Maurice that includes the total amount and the mail in due dates for the reservation. ​

Payments made through this website ​may be made by mail only with U.S. funds.
You will receive a request for payment when you Email us your request to make a reservation and if your week is still available.
​Our 2017 weekly rental season begins on June 10, 2017 and ends on August 26, 2017.
Saturday check-in 10am to Saturday check-out, 7 nights minimum, only.

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 If you wish to make an inquiry or request a reservation send an email to or send it to
​or call Maurice at (603) 875-3200.
​Quote if you choose to make payments by mail:  

RENTAL FEE FOR 7 NIGHTS                                                             $5,990.00
CLEANING FEE                                                                                   $   206.00
STATE OF NH 9% RENTAL TAX                                                        $   557.64
PROPERTY DAMAGE PROTECTION                                                 $     59.00
SUBTOTAL                                                                                          $6,812.64
REFUNDABLE DAMAGE DEPOSIT                                                    $   200.00
TOTAL PAYMENT                                                                               $7,012.64 

​MAIL-IN PAYMENT SCHEDULE                                                          

INITIAL MAIL-IN PAYMENT                                                                 $   601.00           
DUE 7 days after receiving Request for payment.
PROPERTY DAMAGE PROTECTION                                                   $     59.00            
DUE 7 days after receiving Request for payment.
MAIL-IN PAYMENT # 2                                                                        $3,176.32           
DUE 35 Days from Confirmation Date
MAIL-IN PAYMENT # 3                                                                        $3,176.32           
DUE 65 Days from Arrival date65 Days from Arrival date
TOTAL PAYMENT                                                                                 $7,012.64
We will provide you with the actual payment due dates when we send you our request for payment.

Your payments will be deposited in a trust account. Interest, if any, will be paid to the
Maurice & Ursula Couture Family Trust.

We are available anytime to answer inquiries through our email address: or by calling us at 1-603-875-3200.

Let us know if you have any questions or requirements specific to our property. Notify us immediately, if upon your arrival, you find existing problems. If you fail to report any pre-existing problems we will hold you responsible for them and could assess you for charges to resolve the problem. If problems occur during your stay you must report them to us before you leave.

Construction: Is ongoing throughout the Lakes Region during rental periods. We shall not be held responsible for the noise that it generates or offer refunds.

The check-in time is 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at our rental home located at 10 Donald Drive in Alton Bay, NH. We will hand you the keys when you arrive at our lake home. Note: On arrival date the time frame from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. is reserved for the cleaning of our home. Cleaning is not possible when guests are present. Thank you in advance for not driving in our driveway or docking your boat at our dock prior to 3:00 pm.

CHECK-OUT POLICY: On Check-out date, Check-out time is 10 am. Please be respectful of the guests coming in and leave on time. The 5 hour time frame from 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. between guests is reserved for completing the change-over. If you leave after 10:00 am you could be charged for an additional day’s rent.

COASTERS: Drink containers of any kind such as: glasses, coffee cups, bottles, cans, paper cups, etc. leave marks on wooden surfaces. Please get in the habit of placing your drink on a coaster whenever you set your drink down on any surface. LINEN: Linen is included.

CLEANING COST and STATE of NEW HAMPSHIRE RENTAL and MEALS TAX: All rentals are charged a cleaning fee of $206.00. The rental fee and the cleaning fee are subject to a 9% State of NH Room and Meals Tax. Note: Our State of NH Meals & Rentals Tax License Number is 057800.

CLEANING REQUIREMENT BEFORE LEAVING: Guests are required to do the following before they leave for home or Check-out day or extra cleaning charges will be assessed: Carpets, deck and floors: Sweep them down. Dishes: Wash and dry them and if you have time, put them away. Doors and windows: Make sure that they are closed and locked before you leave. Fans and lights: Make sure that they are off before you leave. Food in the refrigerators and other food: Take your food and leftovers home with you or discard them before you leave. Furniture, toys and keys: Return the furniture, toys and keys of the premises to where you found them when you arrived. Kitchenware, silverware and other utensils: Return them to where you found them and have them ready for immediate use. Property and yard: Leave it organized, clean and in tenantable order and in such good condition as the same as it was at the beginning of your stay. Stove, counter tops, other surfaces and appliances: Remove crumbs, grease and towel them down.

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: As owner we try to provide our guests with current and precise information about our rental property. However, we reserve the right to make changes to accommodations, amenities, rates etc. from time to time. Guests agree that we, as owners along with our representatives cannot be held liable for: Errors and Omissions in this information, injuries, damage or loss of any kind incurred by the guests while the guests are on or off the rental property, inclement weather, unforeseen acts of nature, mechanical failure or if a system becomes inoperative that would prohibit or limit the use of our property. There will be no refunds, however, the guests will be held liable for the damage, to our property if the reason is because the guests misused the property.

TRASH REMOVAL The town of Alton does not provide weekly trash removal. Note we have left specific instructions for trash removal in our 'Welcome to our Home Brochure”. Guests are responsible for sorting and removing the trash in accordance with the following instructions: The town of Alton requires trash to be separated for recycling. Use separate kitchen-type plastic bags for each of the following category of trash. Note: BOTTLE CAPS plastic, metal or otherwise must be removed from the bottles and placed into the garbage plastic bag. Step1. Use plastic bags for your trash. Store each of the following types of recyclables in separate bags and place them in the provided, trash cans located on Donald Drive: (A) Aluminum Cans, (B) Non-Aluminum Metal Cans, (C) Glass, (D) Cardboard, (E) Paper, and (F) Plastic Bottles. (G) Your garbage and the rest of your thrash including bottle caps and other plastic that is not a bottle does not need to be sorted but it must be bagged tightly prior to placing it in the garbage trash can. Step2. Store the bagged trash (A through G) in the proper receptacles. The trash cans are located next to the Donald Drive right of way. Always secure the trash can covers with the provided bungee cords to prevent the contents from getting wet in case of rain or spilling out if a trash can tips over. Step3. We provide Commercial Trash pickup Service. The trash stored in our trash cans are usually picked up on Mondays and disposed at the Alton Solid Waste Center. Trash not pre-sorted and not stored and secured in their respective trash cans could result in deductions from guests’ Security/Damage deposit.

COOKING OUTDOORS: Outdoor cooking is only allowed on our Webber outdoor propane type grill in the designated area where the grill is located. Outdoor cooking is not allowed on the deck or close to our lake home. Charcoal grilling is not permitted. Propane tank re-fills are the responsibility of the guests.

FIREWORKS, FIREPITS AND CAMPFIRES: All fireworks, fire pits and campfires on or around our lake home, including our docks, are prohibited. Guests or their visitors found in violation of this restriction policy will render the Guests in default of this agreement and may be asked to vacate the premises.

Lake-levels fluctuate and the amount of exposed sand can change. Maximum boat lengths are based on the mean lake level.

NO REFUNDS: Guests have the responsibility of determining, prior to their arrival, that all of our property's characteristics are suitable for their intended use and expectations.

INQUIRIES AND CANCELLATIONS: Our No Cancellation Policy does not allow for refunds. The due dates and reservation payments will be provided with the confirmation. If you cancel after we have confirmed your rental booking, or if you fail to make mail-in or online rental payments on the due dates of your rental reservation, your reservation may be cancelled, you will forfeit any prepaid rental payments and you will be liable for the remaining unpaid rental payments. INTEREST: Your payments will be deposited in an escrow account and maintained in an insured financial institution within the state of N. H. Interest, if any, will be paid to the Maurice and Ursula Couture Family Trust.

​KITCHEN: The kitchen has a coffeemaker, dishes, glasses, coffee mugs, flatware, serving dishes, pots and pans, cooking utensils, appliances, a full complement of glassware, dishwasher, 2 refrigerators, a microwave and a toaster oven. It also has a large food preparation/serving island/breakfast bar with bar stools for optional seating. The kitchen is also nicely furnished with granite countertops, an adjoining pantry and there is a separate first floor laundry area with a washer and dryer.

MISSING OR FORGOTTEN ITEMS: If you notify us that you are missing or forgot something and we are unable to locate it, after looking for it thoroughly, the search will be terminated and the items(s) will be deemed not recoverable and we will not be held liable.

OWNER ACCESSIBLE: Guests will allow the owner or representative thereof to enter the rental premises at reasonable times or in case of emergency to examine the condition thereof or to make repairs thereto.

NOT ALLOWED: Sections of the basement level, the attic, the attached garage and the detached garage are locked and they are not included in the rental of our lake home. Guests are not allowed to board, disturb or relocate the owner's boat during their stay. If damage or loss occurs due to guests’ improper disturbance of owner’s boat or by unapproved entry into locked locations or by using appliances or equipment for other than their intended use, the person whose name appears on the reservation will be held financially responsible for the damage or loss.

DISCLOSURE: The “Maurice & Ursula Family Trust” is the owner of this property. Maurice Couture is a real estate broker for Sherlock Homes Realty, Inc., is the Guests Vacation Rental Specialist for our lake home rental. Our current Meals and Rooms license number is 058700.

PARKING: Parking is provided for guest for no more than 4 vehicles. Only registered vehicles will be permitted on the property. Guests shall not park their vehicles on the septic area identified by white pipes, or on Donald Drive (The right of way leading to other waterfront homes) or on Eastside Drive also known as Route 28A. Parking anywhere other than the designated area is prohibited. Storing motorcycles, bicycles etc., inside our home are not allowed. If damage occurs due to improper parking of vehicles the person whose name appears on the reservation will be held financially responsible for the damage.

RECREATION VEHICLES: Tent, Trailer, and Motor Home CAMPING of any kind are not allowed on our property. If you plan to trailer a boat that is within our maximum length requirement, let us know the length and make of your boat and the total length of your boat trailer so that we can let you know where the town and state free boat launches are located and where you can store your boat trailer on our property. Please note that the total number of vehicles that we allow on our property at any one time belonging to the rental guests’ and or the overnight guests and or the day guests’ is 4. We do not want our property to be over used.

NO PETS, NO SMOKING, NO UNDERAGE DRINKING OF ALCOHOL AND NO ILLEGAL DRUGS: Guests and day guests are not allowed to smoke (INSIDE OR OUTSIDE) or bring pets of any kind anywhere on the property (INSIDE OR OUTSIDE) because our family is allergic to pets and we have asthma. Guests who violate this no pets, no smoking, no underage drinking of alcohol and our no illegal drugs restriction policy will be considered to be in violation/default of their rental agreement and will be required to vacate the premises with no refund.

PROPERTY DAMAGE PROTECTION AND SECURITY DEPOSIT: A $59 Property Damage Insurance Protection and a $200 Refundable Security Deposit Damage Protection are required. With the understanding that said security deposit is not to be considered prepaid rent. Nor shall any damages claimed be limited to the amount of said security deposit. The refundable security deposit will be refunded within 14 to 21 days after the guests’ departure providing that there are no damages, charges or excessive cleaning fees.

TELEPHONE, TELEVISION AND INTERNET: Our lake home is equipped with three televisions. Reception is with Metrocast Cable Service. Telephone service is not provided. All of our guests prefer to use their cell phone. Internet is provided for free through Wi-Fi.

OVERCROWDING AND OCCUPANCY WRONGDOINGS: Bedrooms: Note: 4 bedrooms, sleeps 12: This does not mean that there are 12 beds. We have a total of six beds which provide the following sleeping arrangements. This information is also available in our listing under Amenities:

Bedroom # 1 is located on the main level. It has 1 queen bed that sleeps two guests. (See photo)
Bedroom # 2 located on the main level has1 twin bed that sleeps one guest. (See photo) and Bedroom # 2 has 1 bunk bed that sleeps three guests. One guest sleeps on the upper level of the bunk bed and two guests sleep on the bottom level of the bunk bed. (See photo)
Bedroom # 3 is located on the main level. It has 1 double bed that sleeps two guests.

Bedroom # 4 is located on the lower level. It has 1 twin bed that sleeps one guest. (See photo) Bedroom # 4 has1 bunk bed that sleeps three guests. One guest sleeps on the upper level of the bunk bed) and (two guests sleep on the bottom level of the bunk bed). (See photo)

Our maximum OCCUPANCY IS monitored closely. There is no time when the rental party, day guests and overnight guests should exceed the total capacity of 12 people (including children).
Overcrowding is a serious situation; it overloads the septic system and is grounds for immediate eviction with no refund. If the guests limit has been exceeded, at any point in time, the guests will be considered in default of their rental agreement and will be required to vacate the premises. We ask that you respect the privacy of our neighbors while on vacation and that you adhere to the town of Alton Noise Ordinance and No fireworks Ordinance. Guests shall not assign nor underlet any part or the whole of the rented premises. We do not want to rent to larger groups looking for a party house for weddings, graduations, receptions, large family reunions, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or events exceeding our total maximum occupancy of 12. Renter hereinafter referred to as guests include the principal, those accompanying the principal, day guests and overnight guests. The total of which shall never ever exceed the maximum number of 12 people including children. Day guests are to respect common courtesy hours and must depart by 11 pm the same day.

WATER: Our water source may be different from the source you are accustomed to at home. Our water source is from a driven well and it is processed through a water softening system. Our family uses bottled water for drinking.

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